Character Education and Guidance Programs

One way we target accomplishing our mission is by implementing a Character Education program in Elementary and Middle Grades. These lessons are designed to instill values that are important inside and outside of school. The school counselor meets with each grade regularly to discuss an age-appropriate topic. Every lesson will have Biblical elements embedded into them to help students understand the connection between real-life situations and how they can model Godly character into everyday situations.


Since we are designing lessons that are age appropriate and relevant to different age groups, the curriculum contains a range of topics.  In the lower grades, we discuss topics such as kindness, conflict resolution, coping skills, responsibility, etc. In the upper grades, we delve into tougher topics such as acceptance, self-esteem, anxiety, stress management, social media safety, bullying, etc. Learning these values early helps to improve the school environment and builds a foundation for kids to grow into Godly influences who will make an impact for the cause of Christ.

Check out some of our topics we hope to cover this year!

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Relationship Skills

  • Decision-Making

  • Resilience

  • Growth Mindset

  • Empathy

  • Cultural Competence

  • Hope

  • Managing Anxiety and Self-Esteem

  • Social Media and Phone Safety

  • Test Preparation 

  • Leadership

  • Career Interest Inventory (High School)

  • Resume Building (High School)

  • Drug Prevention (High School)

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